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  • Bali Web Design Studio| Astin Production Projects Portfolio

    Standard Website Design :
    * suitable for personal website
    * 100 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * 10 web design pages
    * 50 optimization pictures
    * HTML & custom css design
    * Flash baner
    * Online form
    * Admin control panel

    - more detail
    Exclusive Website Design :
    * corporate website
    * up to 200 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * up to 20 web pages
    * 200 optimization pictures
    * PHP & custom css design
    * Intro and flash baner
    * MySQL Database
    * Admin control panel ++

    - more detail

    Portfolio Astin Production Web Design Studio

    note : some sites already update by owner using Content Management System

    Phone   : 62. 81 139 811 77
                  62. 81 338 567 904
    Support :
    Skype   :
    Aldiwan Bali
    Al Diwan Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant A unique history has helped place Lebanese food among the most popular of all Middle Eastern cultures
    Prima Furniture
    We start our business as Supplier for Office Stationary in 1967, and since 1983 we became Distributor / Dealer / Sole Agent of a number of famous brands office furniture and equipment
    Scratch Bali
    We like to keep things fun and relaxed, with an eclectic yet unpretentious menu that has you wondering what you’ll order
    Villa Deva Bali
    Takes guests to a place a serenity, peace and luxury, state-of-the-art residence by the sea of world famous seminyak beach.
    We have created the TRAVEL HAMMOCK made of parachute silk 12 years ago and we now worldwide export in more than 25 countries
    One of the fastest innovative products on the market. At last alang-alang thatching grass to last forever. New homes, old homes, kit homes, gazebos awnings and any other application.
    Bali event organizer
    Entertainment and MICE consultant with wide experience in organizing those in Indonesia. We are committed to providing a high level of personal service and qualification to the clients.
    Bali Red Photography
    From the little exotic Bali Island, Bali Red Photography is ready to be with you capturing the spectacular view, the unforgettable moment, the romantic experience in your life.
    Karmen Et Marius
    Collection of fashion product such as jewelry, clothes, shoes and interior.
    NK Gem Stones
    NKGemtones. Established in the year 1975 in Bali Indonesia, is leading Exporter in Precious & Semiprecious, Gemstones Beads, Cabochons, Cubic Zirconium, Pearl, Jewelry, Rough and releted items.

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