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  • Bali Web Design Studio| Astin Production Projects Portfolio

    Standard Website Design :
    * suitable for personal website
    * 100 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * 10 web design pages
    * 50 optimization pictures
    * HTML & custom css design
    * Flash baner
    * Online form
    * Admin control panel

    - more detail
    Exclusive Website Design :
    * corporate website
    * up to 200 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * up to 20 web pages
    * 200 optimization pictures
    * PHP & custom css design
    * Intro and flash baner
    * MySQL Database
    * Admin control panel ++

    - more detail

    Portfolio Astin Production Web Design Studio

    note : some sites already update by owner using Content Management System

    Phone   : 62. 81 139 811 77
                  62. 81 338 567 904
    Support :
    Skype   :
    God-Man Mission International
    How to becoming a God-Man ? Advaita Dharma is the Crown of all Hindu philosophy, the highest of all Hindu philosophy.
    Bali Fat Bike Cycling
    Bali Fat Bike Cycling – The best way to experience Bali’s hidden treasures in the greenest, most eco-friendly and health conscious way possible.
    Bali Deyiz
    Welcome to Bali, a tropical island where the soil is so rich and fertile that the land is constantly carpeted in a wild sea of green.
    Pragusta Tour
    “ Pragustha Bali Tour ” offers you reasonably priced tour packages with premium services.
    Buddha Beach Villa 2
    Buddha Beach Villa 2 Seminyak Bali is located in the heart of Seminyak, few steps from the beach, the retaurants and night life of dhyana pura
    Luxury Dream Escape
    Luxury Dream Escapes is a full service villa rental company dedicated to offering the most authentic and inspiring travel experiences.
    I am Jet Set
    Sesi interview khusus dengan pemenang Academy Award untuk kategori Best Actor di film The Pianist ini pada bulan Oktober 2015 di Bulgari Ginza Tower di Tokyo.
    Tube Lab Surf
    Here at Tube Lab, we made some design which we want on our personal t-shirt and thought they looked quite good, so then we thought.
    Violets Art
    Violets Art is a team of friends that bring forth the arts of awareness, healing energies we offer through our art and travel.
    Bali Man Healing Spa
    At our Baliman Healing Spa we offer the best massage in Bali incorporating the best massage techniques from Bali and other countries around the world.

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