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  • Bali Web Design Studio| Astin Production Projects Portfolio

    Standard Website Design :
    * suitable for personal website
    * 100 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * 10 web design pages
    * 50 optimization pictures
    * HTML & custom css design
    * Flash baner
    * Online form
    * Admin control panel

    - more detail
    Exclusive Website Design :
    * corporate website
    * up to 200 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * up to 20 web pages
    * 200 optimization pictures
    * PHP & custom css design
    * Intro and flash baner
    * MySQL Database
    * Admin control panel ++

    - more detail

    Portfolio Astin Production Web Design Studio

    note : some sites already update by owner using Content Management System

    Phone   : 62. 81 139 811 77
                  62. 81 338 567 904
    Support :
    Skype   :
    Villa Elleo
    VILLA ELLEO is a luxury two private villa estate set in lush tropical gardens.
    Bali Lab
    BALiLAB | has one of the best pattern makers Bali has to offer. With over 20 years' experience our in house pattern maker can make almost any design you can come up with.
    James Cook Sports Bar After moving to Bali for some ‘time out’ from Perth Australia, Matt, Nikki and Mia fell in love with Bali and decided to stay.
    Bali Icon Property Bali Icon Property is committed to delivering a high level of expertise, customer service and attention to detail to the marketing and sales of real estate and rental properties in Bali.
    Mix Well Bar Mixwell Bar & Club is proud to be voted as “Bali’s Best Gay Bar” for 12 Years Running!

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  • 真钱棋牌