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  • Bali Web Design Studio| Astin Production Projects Portfolio

    Standard Website Design :
    * suitable for personal website
    * 100 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * 10 web design pages
    * 50 optimization pictures
    * HTML & custom css design
    * Flash baner
    * Online form
    * Admin control panel

    - more detail
    Exclusive Website Design :
    * corporate website
    * up to 200 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * up to 20 web pages
    * 200 optimization pictures
    * PHP & custom css design
    * Intro and flash baner
    * MySQL Database
    * Admin control panel ++

    - more detail

    Portfolio Astin Production Web Design Studio

    note : some sites already update by owner using Content Management System

    Phone   : 62. 81 139 811 77
                  62. 81 338 567 904
    Support :
    Skype   :
    APCON Property
    AP Consultant Property, House for sale in BALI? * Villa for rent in SANUR? * Apartment ? * The most properties in BALI? You came to the right website!
    Tommy Sujana
    TOMMY SUJANA | Motivator, Trainer, Team Building Coach… and your best friend to accompany you to success !
    Garden Villa Bali
    Garden Villa Bali enjoys a prime location in the evolving district of Seminyak , relaxation and spending quality time
    Bali White House
    Here we show you property in Bali. From cheap houses and luxury Bali villas to undeveloped land where you can build your own house.
    Captain Su
    Captain Su is a nom de plume for an expat Aussie currently living in Bali, Indonesia.
    Femitec Autogas Indonesia
    “Femitec Autogasanlagen” ensure that the product range of LPG product and marketed under the name “Femitec”.
    Green View Villas
    Green View Private Villas – Private Villa in Ubud is superbly located just 13 kilometres north of Ubud in a tranquil rural area on the edge of the Champuan River.
    Lalang Temu
    The perfect blend between traditional and modern design 2 story villas with uninterrupted views of Jimbaran Bay.
    Bhuwana Ubud Hotel
    Hotel boast large space area of tropical garden and swimming pool while the landscape surrounded by green and golden rice field, palm trees and soothing sound of flowing waters.
    Merdeka Furniture
    Merdeka the original antique furniture, recycle it with style and new products with old and minimalist style.

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