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  • Bali Web Design Studio| Astin Production Projects Portfolio

    Standard Website Design :
    * suitable for personal website
    * 100 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * 10 web design pages
    * 50 optimization pictures
    * HTML & custom css design
    * Flash baner
    * Online form
    * Admin control panel

    - more detail
    Exclusive Website Design :
    * corporate website
    * up to 200 mb hosting space
    * free 1 year domain registration
    * up to 20 web pages
    * 200 optimization pictures
    * PHP & custom css design
    * Intro and flash baner
    * MySQL Database
    * Admin control panel ++

    - more detail

    Portfolio Astin Production Web Design Studio

    Note : some website has been updated by owner using Content Management System

    Phone   : 62. 81 139 811 77
                  62. 81 338 567 904
    Support :
    Skype   :
    Sanak Retreat Bali
    Set amidst beautiful tropical landscapes with scenic mountain views, Sanak Retreat Bali offers a relaxing getaway surrounded by lush rice fields
    Villa Camellia
    The villa offers 3 bedrooms, spacious living room with integrated modern kitchen, a 10-meter swimming pool and beautiful garden.
    We are a small family business that love ducks. We saw ducks, we fell in love with ducks, we bought ducks, we sold ducks, we started designing ducks.
    Rock and Wreck Resort
    Situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. The Rock and Wreck Dive Resort is truly one of a kind.
    Angel Fashion Studio
    Was founded in 1995 located in Denpasar Bali Indonesia works in fashion sector produced beautiful dresses
    The Magendra
    The Magendra is a place where inspiration comes to you, perfectly brewing in town with our signature coffee beans originally from Indonesia.
    Lighting Spirit
    We have a large selection of white LED strips or color. Quickly discover our Leds Headbands kits for your indoor LED decorations and lighting.
    Margarita Surf Hostel Canggu
    Welcome to Margarita Surf Hostel: surf and relaxation paradise, in beautiful Canggu.
    Yoku Bali
    Art Hunter
    People often pass in front of the GALLERY MODERNISME when driving up the big hill in Camaruche.

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  • 真钱棋牌